Founded in 2020 by David Boyd lll

The Thorough Breed Is for upstanding individuals driven by their passion to win regardless of their circumstances. Thurl is Philly slang for someone who is real, genuine, or pure. We believe that if you’re gonna do a job, you do it right. That’s what it means to be thorough & thoroughbred just means purebreed.

We aggressively fight for what we deserve in life! We approach every task with passion, hard work, and an unbreakable faith knowing we can overcome! We never cheat the grind! We bet on ourselves, and we completely double down! We believe in working hard to make our dreams come true!
We are a movement, a lifestyle brand, and a mindset! It’s more than just clothing, we want to change the world for the better, and it starts with how me move throughout life!

Being a thoroughbred means you’re apart of a rare species on earth. Where others keep it fake, you keep it real (thurl) In other words, we are different from the average person! We refuse to stay in the matrix that society tries to keep us in! We refuse to let society dictate our future! We take charge of our own lives! Our Goal is to attain freedom in every sense of the word! We want: time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom because only then are you truly free! We invest in ourselves because we know that we are our greatest asset! We know that we are the one’s that can set our families up for success!

TheThoroughbreed is here to show the world that dreams are obtainable & you can be thurl while conquering them! We are here to prove everybody who ever doubted us wrong! We will show them exactly what we’re made of.

It can apply to any aspect of your life: it can be playing a sport, studying in school, applying for a job, or any other task at hand! You aggressively fight for it! We out work everyone, and we manifest what everybody else thought was unachievable!


Our sole purpose on this earth is to hustle, motivate, and inspire! We want to get into philanthropy when we  make enough money and start to give back to minority communities! We want to see more people winning even if they come from the mud!

You can join us or support our cause by grabbing some gear & subscribing for updates!

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